MetroWest Annual Tenant Screening

The MetroWest Master Association requires annual screening of all tenants living in communities who are not certified “crime free.”

What does this mean? It means that tenants wishing to renew their leases, must undergo annual screenings for criminal activity before signing a new lease. This applies to residents of condos, apartments and single family homes alike.

While this may seem inconvenient, the practice is key to keeping MetroWest a safe place to live and work.

Metro Screening has now made this convenient and affordable. Tenants can simply go to on their mobile devices and upload their information, including a copy of their driving license. The process can be completed in less than five minutes. The cost? Just $12 – and some landlords may even let you deduct this from your next rent payment. The report is then sent directly to your property manager or HOA.

More good news: When you use Metro Screening app for your annual screening, your credit will not be run, meaning that no inquiry will be recorded. Not even a soft inquiry will show.

Problem solved!